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Our founder, C. Edwin Oyster (pictured) began practicing in the Fresno area in 1923 and was the first CPA to be licensed in Fresno. C. Edwin Oyster & Co. was a successful firm, even in the midst of the great depression. After Mr. Oyster's untimely death in September of 1934, Thomas C. Roberson, who had been working for Mr. Oyster, acquired the firm and renamed it Thomas C. Roberson & Co. The firm was successful and grew under Mr. Roberson's leadership for the next 44 years. Upon Mr. Roberson's retirement in 1978, Robert L. Linger became the managing partner and led the firm for 26 years until his retirement in 2004. Jim Peterson was the managing partner until he retired in 2009. Gary A. Shrum was the managing partner until his retirement in 2016. Bret D. Harrison became the managing partner in February 2016.

Names of the firm over the years:
C. Edwin Oyster & Co.
Oyster, Gardiner & Co.
Oyster, Gardiner, Watson & Co.
Oyster, Watson & Co.
Thomas C. Roberson & Co.
Roberson, Martin & Co.
Roberson, Martin, Horg & Ryckman
Roberson, Martin, Ryckman, Rouch & Linger
Roberson, Martin, Rouch & Linger
Martin, Linger, Mastro, Borchardt, Schafer & Peterson
Martin, Linger & Co.
Linger, Peterson, Shrum & Co.
Linger, Peterson & Shrum


C Edwin Oyster.jpg
C. Edwin Oyster, Founder 
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