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Let Linger, Peterson & Shrum complete your annual audit. Our audit service includes extensive testing of account balances and other assertions contained within your financial statements. We gain an in-depth understanding of your business and the internal control environment. All of our audit services are performed in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America (GAAS). 

We can also provide a range of other assurance services including: financial statement review, compilation of financial statements and individually tailored agreed upon procedures. 

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It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small; it’s always on your mind. Our tax team will work with you to provide an accurate return that takes advantage of every deduction and adjustment that you deserve. We make the tax code our business so that you can get the most for your business. 

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Payroll Services 

We know that being a business owner is not easy. Let our team support your company with our payroll services


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Other Accounting Services

As a full service CPA and accounting firm, LPS is able to provide a suite of services, such as estate tax returns, property tax returns and other forms that you may need assistance with, that will allow you to worry about your customers, while we focus on the numbers and keep you up to date on your organization's financial health.


Trust your audit and tax needs to our experienced team.
Contact us to learn how we can work together.
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